Email Strategy for Savannah Toyota, Butler Toyota, and Don Jacobs Toyota

NEVER SETTLE: There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team,’ but there is one in ‘website engagement.’ (Sure, it’s a stretch.) By having Pinnacle lead the way for Savannah Toyota, Butler Toyota, and Don Jacobs Toyota in bringing more customers to their websites, it was our job to turn digital interest into physical business. How do you do that? Target individual groups of customers, speak directly to them, then show ‘em what you’ve got. So we created a comprehensive e-mail strategy campaign, incorporating the use of eBlasts and digital catalogs. This method allowed us to highlight each store’s unique selling props, reinforce store branding, and met the customers where they were: probably bored online. Custom eBlasts helped us target specific customers’ needs, then, a catalog followed shortly showing how each store can answer those needs. The teamwork between the eBlasts and catalogs really did the trick.

WORKS: And the teamwork between Pinnacle and our clients also did the trick. After taking the lead by developing our email strategy campaign, we gave our clients the means to go above and beyond. By honoring special offers and utilizing catalogs in other places digitally, our clients found great success in turning interest into business. Catalogs grew vehicle display page (VDP) views and online engagement while eBlasts sealed the deal with actual service appointments and more visits to the store. On average, customers spent over one minute and thirty seconds on three or more pages and VDP views saw consistent engagement. Turns out, there’s also a ‘we’ in ‘website engagement,’ and when we get the chance to create success side-by-side with our clients, we take it.