Biggers Auto Group

Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Previous Next The truth is, most car shoppers have an inherent distrust of auto dealerships. So Biggers Chevrolet eavesdropped on therapy sessions to see why people felt they were tricked into buying a vehicle they didn’t really want. The conclusion: If you buy someplace else, you should have […]

Myers Auto Group

Play Previous Next Subaru has always touted itself as a pet-friendly business. So when Pinnacle had the opportunity to pitch three Subaru dealerships for the Myers Auto Group, we jumped at the chance. Anchored by the tagline, “A Buyer’s Best Friend,” we created a real love triangle between the dealerships, their customers, and their customers’ […]

Butler Nissan

Play Play Previous Next When executed right, humor sells. With that in mind, we challenged viewers to search for the best value in a new car. Using maps, metal detectors, and other search scenarios, the message was clear-cut: No matter how hard you look, you won’t find a better value than Butler Nissan.

Sunrise Chevrolet

Play Play Play Play Play Play Previous Next After buying a new car, there’s nothing more regrettable than learning you could have gotten a better deal. With Sunrise Chevrolet promising “the lowest prices” on new Chevys, we created a character to reflect that sad truth: Grumpy Guy. The message to viewers? Don’t be that Guy. 

Carter Myers Automotive

Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Play Previous Next Seems like big-name, online car-buying companies are everywhere these days. The problem is, they’re nowhere to be seen after they drop off your used car. Studies show most car buyers want a relationship with their dealer. CMA’s message: We don’t just love you and leave […]

Kool Chevy

Play Play Play Play Previous Next Anyone who’s ever driven a car will tell you things can go wrong. Using real people and real scenarios, we crafted the message: Wherever I go, Kool Chevy takes me there.  And we backed it up with confidence and peace of mind supported by Kool’s unmatched 1,000,000-mile warranty (That’s […]