Melissa Cacciabondo

Melissa is a seasoned professional with a 30-year focus in the fast-paced retail automotive industry. Since joining Pinnacle Advertising in 2007, she has excelled in account management, both within automotive and non-automotive retail sectors. Her current role involves building strong client relationships, leading an Account Management team, and driving successful marketing campaigns. Melissa’s expertise, adaptability, […]

Jake Rostollan

A leader to our clients and our company, Jake parleys his large agency experience into actionable insights for our entrepreneurial culture. Over the past 28 years, Jake has grown into an expert on every level of automotive advertising. Whether it’s Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3, on either Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, Honda or […]

Mike Cacciabondo

With over 25 years of crafting brands and moving ideas for multiple clients across all marketing channels, Mike’s unique stew of a blue-collar work ethic, combined with an insatiable curiosity, award-winning ideas, and a love of people, has translated into a bevy of award-winning campaigns and the successful movement of ideas and goods for his […]

Ashley Sparks

Ashley is fueled by her passion to be both process driven and client focused, while striving to be a truly transformational leader. Her mission is to always get better, see clearer, think bigger, and to push clients to do the same. Ashley’s career began at an Alabama Toyota dealership and has led her through the […]

Michael Eul

Michael has been a staple in the automotive category for nearly 30 years. Michael started his career as an Automotive Salesperson after completing his education at the University of Illinois, Chicago campus, majoring in marketing with a minor in finance. Michael quickly became a New Car Manager before shifting to the used car side as a Used […]

Greg Riedl

Greg started with Pinnacle back in 2005. Enjoying the fast-paced automotive world, Greg has maintained a steady base of clientele with relationships built over the past 20 years. Being 6’ 6”, Greg is often at the office helping people with things that are just out of reach. When Greg isn’t driving back and forth to […]

David Van Fleet

Having spent over 15 years in the media space, David’s focus has always been on maximizing results and ensuring that clients’ goals remain priority #1. Data-driven with a human touch, he brings vast digital expertise and an analytical approach to every plan, ensuring that media stays focused on delivering results by reaching the right audiences […]

Emily Balser

Emily comes from a diverse background having begun her career working in tech startups, primarily within operations management. For the past seven years she has been with Pinnacle fully emersed in T3 automotive while also staying involved in some of the agency’s diversified business. In her role of Media Strategy Manager, she gets to use […]

Lauren Webster

Having owned more cars than years she’s had her driver’s license, it only makes sense that Lauren’s focus the past 20 years has been in automotive advertising. In her six years at Pinnacle, her experience as an Associate Creative Director, Producer, and Copywriter has led to her current leadership role. Lauren is a natural collaborator […]

Sarah Ready

Sarah is driven by her desire to solve problems and build relationships. Her career started in recreational sports, where she discovered her passion in staff development and operations. Sarah’s natural gift for leading and her business acumen quickly elevated her through the ranks within the Account Services department while living and breathing the automotive world. […]